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Delivery available to central and south Texas

We specialize in used wine and whiskey barrel resale. Some of our distribution includes individuals, businesses, craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Barrels can be used for a number of purposes such as home furnishings, retail decor, garden use, rain barrels or even smokers. The possibilities are endless. Free delivery to Central and South Texas, with the ability to ship worldwide. We are here to serve your barrel needs!

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Whiskey Barrels

Each barrel will very slightly from barrel to barrel, some may have stains marking or scratches from being used to age bourbon whiskey.

$140 Each


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Wine Barrels

Each barrel will very slightly from the picture and may have wine stains, markings, scratches and small cracks from being used as a wine barrel.

$120 Each


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Whiskey / Wine Barrel Rentals

We rent our whiskey and wine barrels. Barrels make great decorative accessories for events… all of our barrels are made of white oak, and are both clean and solid.

$60 each for 3 day rental.

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